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Baking a Difference

We are Jon and A.J. Whiting. We fell hopelessly in love with Great Harvest and their phenomenal bread and sweets while our oldest daughter, Hailey,  worked in the bakery during high school. And that love affair was built on more than just the fresh and delicious quality products. It was the energy and vibe of the bakery, the people who you couldn’t help but notice loved what they did and were having fun. We knew that was something we wanted to be a part of. And we are so excited to be able to share that passion back in our hometown of Meridian, ID!!!

We met back in college over 25 years ago at Boise State University. The first time I saw Jon, I was completely smitten. I walked right up to him, looked into his gorgeous eyes and said, “Hi! You wanna kiss?” Without waiting for a reply, I reached out and handed him a Hershey’s kiss and walked away. We were married less than 6 months later.

We have six awesome kids, 5 daughters and 1 son.  You’ll see all of them helping out in the bakery, because this is definitely a family affair!  In fact, our new son in law is now our head bread baker while he attends Boise State.

 Jon had spent over 20 years as an executive in the Natural Gas Industry, while Annjanette focused on being a mom, directing youth community theater, and coaching high school speech and debate. Then one day, we decided we wanted to do something more. We just looked at each other and said, “Lets dough this!”

We believe this new adventure to be so much more than just a great business. We want to show our children and others to believe in themselves, take risks, and follow their passions and dreams.  We really want to bake a difference, not only by providing families with nutritious and amazing tasting breads, sweets, and sandwiches, but by creating a place for people to gather and celebrate what makes our community so incredible- each other!

When we aren’t in the bakery, and can find a little time for loafin’, you can usually find us camping and hiking in the gorgeous Idaho backcountry, playing board games, escaping to the coast, and making music as a family. Come visit us in the big red barn on Fairview at Cloverdale or in our new bakery at Chinden and Linder! We can’t wait to get to know you and learn your family’s story, too!!!

Our Bakery

Be loose and have fun. Bake phenomenal bread. Run fast to serve others & give generously.

This is our mission statement. We are passionate about creating phenomenal hand crafted bread! Every morning, we start by stone grinding our very own wheat, harvested only from family farms in Montana. You can even watch us do it through the large windows into our mill room.

We take seriously the quality of everything we create, the upbeat environment in which we serve it in, and the connection we make with every one of our customers. But taking it seriously doesn't mean we don't have fun doing it, because we do! You will feel and taste how much we love what we do every time you come in to the bakery and with every bite you take! 

We only sell our bread for one day after we make it, so you know you are getting only the freshest bread available. If it doesn't sell, we donate it to local shelters, food banks, and other community organizations to get quality bread to those who can't afford it. Nothing ever goes to waste, only to waists. ;)

At Great Harvest Meridian, we make everything from scratch every day with whole foods and love! And we are here in our community to really bake a difference!

Great Harvest Bread of Meridian

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